Legal services for your business

Need to settle a business dispute? Or after a slick new company premises? We’re here to help you with the legalities.

Legal services for your business

Need to settle a business dispute? Or after a slick new company premises? We’re here to help you with the legalities.

Legal services for your business

Need to settle a business dispute? Or after a slick new company premises? We’re here to help you with the legalities.

We’re specialists in company law and business property transactions

Our trusted services can streamline your business affairs

Commercial Property Sales

Buying and selling property can be exhausting. Our empathetic client care, coupled with tailored legal expertise, ensures the process runs smoothly.

Commercial Leases

In business, security is everything. We’ll help clarify contracts and ensure you enter robust leases with fair terms.

Mergers and Acquisitions

Are you acquiring another business? Or merging with a competitor? We can help either grow your business or exit a lucrative deal.

How we help

We’re specialists in the often-niggly world of business law. From the sale and purchase of businesses and public premises to leasing commercial properties, we offer a helpful and experienced team. We can also assist with recovering debts, resolving commercial disputes and leasing your business premises.

We believe in affordable legal services

Our clients have seen first-hand how affordable, reliable and well-versed we are with legal services.

Commercial Property Sales

We realise how difficult it can be to find the perfect business premises. It’s time-consuming and there’s a lot to take into consideration. This is the perfect time to delegate. We can handle the complicated legal considerations, including environmental concerns, VAT and Stamp Duty, so you don’t have to. We’ll use our expertise to identify potential mishaps and ensure a smooth sale. 

Commercial Leases

Safeguard your property rights and feel secure. We can help you do this, ensuring you enter robust leases created on fair and favourable terms. Whether you’re a small business navigating the terms of a new lease or a larger business needing specialist support to guide you through a difficult contract, we can help clarify things.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We’re well practised in corporate transactions. We can help your business acquire new, smaller companies or guide you in the right direction to merge with a competitor. Finding strategically located businesses can be a minefield, but we’re experts at pinpointing what’s right for you.

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Our awards reflect our reputation in the industry. It’s a good one.

We’re always here to help

Here are some questions we’re often asked.

Still unsure?

Why should I choose Beaumont Legal to work with my business?

Our mindset is commercial. We know you want the best outcome for your business. Our extensive commercial experience enables us to give you sound advice, whether you work for a small local business or a company with a national profile.  

What types of commercial work does Beaumont Legal specialise in?

We work with a wide range of businesses across the country, from sole traders to major national retailers. Our experience is wide-reaching, with our solicitors having decades of experience working with a variety of industries. We aim to work closely with each and every client. 

If I work with Beaumont Legal, who will handle my company’s business?

After speaking to you about your case, we’ll direct you to a specialist solicitor suited to your needs. They’ll quickly establish what your business requires and how we can achieve your goals. We can also assign a partner as a key point of contact if you require it.

Can you help me with understanding the terms of a contract I’ve been given?

It’s normal to feel confused about a contract. We can look over your documents, highlight any potential issues, discuss these with you and then help you negotiate better terms for your company.

Can you help me renegotiate terms on my lease?

Absolutely. We’ve helped many businesses navigate the complexities of renegotiation. 

How quickly can you help me to move into my new business property

Efficiently. One of the reasons we’ve been able to build strong relationships with commercial property clients is because we adopt a no-nonsense approach to each transaction and can deliver on tight time frames.

How does the Landlord & Tenant Act 1954 affect my business property and how can Beaumont Legal help?

We empathise that leases are complex. If you’re concerned about your lease, the 1954 Act gives protection to business tenants, giving them the right to apply to court for a renewal lease and continue occupying a premises at the end of an expired lease. We’ve helped clients use the act for their protection.

About Beaumont Legal

We’re a strong, digital-first legal team with a caring core.

Yorkshire heart, UK mind

While we love our head office in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, our reach is far and wide. We have customers from across the UK.

People first

Buying a house, dealing with a loss or trying to resolve a dispute can be a stressful time. We understand this, so have hired a team of warm, friendly staff who are always happy to help.

Up with the times

We’re a forward-thinking company, utilising technology to better our services. Our primary offering for legal services is all online, meaning no lengthy face-to-face meetings or waiting on hold on the phone.

Have a question? Our friendly team can help you out, so get in touch.

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